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                  These are the samopodobens AKA special melodies AKA automela from the Sputnik. The texts are unfortunately not from the currently preferred service books(except Down from the Tree...which is in the Triodion & When the saints deposited... which I found at the cyberpsaltis), but since they are reference melodies for other stichera, I have used the Holy Myrrhbearers texts migrated to 17th Century English

Martyrs worthy...  tone one
Pure virgin...  tone one

House of Ephratha...  tone two
Down from the Tree...  tone two

George, brave warrior...  tone four

Rejoice O life bearing cross...  tone five

Proceed O angelic powers...  tone six
On the third day...  tone six
When the saints deposited...  tone six

Most strange wonder...  tone eight
What shall we call you...  tone eight